Friday, January 21, 2011

thank you thank you thank you!!!

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you out there that helped 2010 be such an amazing year for us!!! Your support & purchases tripled our sales from 2009!!! We want ya'll to know how gracious we here's a coupon code to give a little back!


Put this in the coupon code area when you check out on etsy and you will get 15% anything you want! It will be good until January 31st.

Thanks again!
xoxo -
{Spunk & Sass}

Sewing Mania!

Ever since Sass and I learned to sew, we've been trying new things right and left! We're really excited to bring you a line of sewn items this Spring!! But that's for later...

So sewing...

You can check out some of our personal sewing projects if you want! Spunk's are here and Sass is on a roll with her Project a Day series here.

We're always trying out new tutorials to better our sewing skills. Recently some friends have asked what my "go-to" sites are, so I thought I'd share them with y'all! Just add them to your Google Reader and you can be  updated when there's new goodies to look at :)

{P.S. you might want to create a folder in your e-mail inbox for all the tutorials you'll be e-mailing yourself! I know ours is packed!}

OK and now to commence blog/tutorial dump! Enjoy, because these are our favorites :)
TONS of free tutorials: (great tutorials and a good variety of projects)
10 simple to sew patterns :
Sewing Glossary:
Purse, tote patterns:
More tote patterns:
Lots of great tutorials:

Did you get all those? {hehe}

Enjoy friends and happy sewing...

{Spunk & Sass}

Friday, January 14, 2011

Meetings Meetings Meetings

We had our business meeting last Wednesday, long! hahaha. We never get a chance to go to dinner, between Spunk needing an early bedtime with a baby on the way & Sass at home with a baby on house arrest...dinner out is a luxury! We decided that we are going to start a few new things on the ole blog {we love to reinvent ourselves, can you tell?} One big plan we have is to have a focus each month on a topic, such as "LOVE" or "Flowers". We hope to show you our favorite items, stores, DIY projects and tutorials that can expand your crafty thoughts on this topic!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year, A New Page...

The New Year always brings about a fresh air. You have a fresh, clean slate in which to draw out your goals and aspirations for the coming year. We here at Spunk & Sass are aiming to do the same thing!

We want to bring more product, NEW product, and interact more with our customers!

Spunk & Sass is actually having our first "official" business meeting tomorrow at our favorite Mexican restaurant :) Yum yum! We're planning to map out our goals for the year and where we want to see Spunk & Sass go. We think it is very important to have a plan and even more importantly, to have goals.

{Really we just love making lists, but it's all part of the planning process}

To help us better Spunk & Sass, reach out to new and old customers, as well as market our business, we've found this little inexpensive tool via (guess what?!) Etsy!

She has compiled a digital book of all the wonderful things you can do to boost your sales and market your handmade business! It's $19.95 and has helped over 3,000 Etsy sellers (per her website).

We've decided to give it a try, because it certainly can't hurt! We also wanted to share our little find with you in case you have an Etsy shop or want to open one this year.

So since we're talking about goals and aspirations...what are yours? We'll share with you all of ours after our meeting tomorrow :)

for now...

Spunk & Sass