Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Handmade Valentines

What else is better than at home, handmade Valentines??? We used a few things from our craft scrap box, some cardstock, a sewing machine, and Voila!!! Valentines!

We've really loved all the paper sewn cards we've seen around etsy, but were a bit nervous to try it. Oh silly girls we were. They are so simple and they look so expensive!!! Here's a look at what you can make if you take about 30 minutes during naptime or before you go to bed:

Supplies {as always we recommend either stocking up on a few craft staples when they are on sale or using coupons whenever possible.}
- Felt {20 cents a sheet at Joanns} 60 cents
- Cardstock {$1.99 for a pack of 50 8x11 sheets with a 50% coupon at Joanns}
- Sewing machine

Total Cost for me: $2.59 which will make a ton of Valentines!!!

How to:

Cut out desired shape you'd like to sew onto your cards. You can do anything from a heart to the first letter of your Valentine's first name.

Cut your cardstock down to fit into an extra envelope you have lying around {I always have extras when I mess up writing cards!} You can do a postcard or a folded card.

Layer your shapes as you would like them to sit on your paper, you can add a bit of scrapbook adhesive if you'd like and then place on top of cardstock where you'd like to sew it.

Now, sew away! Go slow & don't forget to backstitch. I used contrasting thread for fun.

So, what do you think???
Simple, but sweet!




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